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Modified KONI front dampers + Q2 differential
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Hello Everyone

I have not visited here very much recently, because I cannot understand German, and rely on online translations, which are never accurate! However, I still try and have a read every couple of weeks.

Today, I wish to tell you about 2 new modifications to my V6 GT:
1. modified front KONI dampers to lower the car
2. Q2 Torsen limited slip differential

Firstly, some background: I bought my GT in August '06 and immediately had installed Eibach Pro Kit springs and KONI Sport dampers. Excellent ride comfort and handling, and very good value. But the front springs did not lower the car at all; the rear springs lowered the car by 35mm, which was good. This same problem has been encountered here and with other owners using Eibach springs. The car looked 'odd', and I was not happy. After 15 months, the front still did not 'sag' further.

I spoke with my mechanic (Alfa Romeo dealership here in Melbourne, Australia). He was surprised that the springs did not lower the car, and still expected them to sag over time (but I am impatient and do not drive the car very much!). So he suggested the KONI dampers could be modified by altering the lower attachment point which connects the damper and suspension fork. By 'raising' this attachment point, this would compress the suspension, and therefore lower the car; similar to shortening the damper, but with this option there is no loss of damper range of movement.

This week, he performed a routine 10,000km service on my car, and organised the 2 upgrades. The KONI dampers were removed and taken to the local distributor in Melbourne, who performed the modifications. Unfortunately, I did not see the dampers again before they were refitted, so I do not have photos of the change.

The new dampers lowered the car by 13mm. It is not huge - I was aiming for 20mm - but the visual difference is apparent, and it does look much better. So I am happy.

Second upgrade was the differential. I think many of you already know about the Q2, as fitted to some JTD GT's in Europe (diesel GT not available here). In Australia, there has also been MANY differential failures in V6 Alfa Romeo's, especially the 147GTA. There are also worldwide reports of failures in the 156GTA and V6 GT. Upgrading the differential is good 'insurance' to increase reliability, plus the significant increase in performance.

I bought the Q2 through EB Spares in the UK (approx AUS$700 including delivery). My Alfa specialist supplied other parts including the bearings and seals.

I have found excellent improvement with the Q2: much improved traction under hard acceleration plus big improvement in grip around fast corners. The car no longer understeers, but bites hard and inspires great confidence around turns.

So, now I am even more happy with the car than before. It looks better and drives better. grosses Lachen

Photo of the Q2 differential and schematic diagram:

[imgf] db5.jpg[/imgf]
[imgf] a43_o.jpg[/imgf]

Photos of KONI dampers before modification (front damper on left side); note the lower bolt holes which were altered/'raised':

[imgf] ca3.jpg[/imgf]
[imgf] f4b.jpg[/imgf]

Photos of car including BEFORE:AFTER pictures; 4th picture shows height of front wheelarch from ground:

[imgf] e43_o.jpg[/imgf]
[imgf] 8d6_o.jpg[/imgf]
[imgf] 8a7_o.jpg[/imgf]
[imgf] 04c_o.jpg[/imgf]

General photos:

[imgf] 73f_o.jpg[/imgf]
[imgf] 2e9_o.jpg[/imgf]
[imgf] dae_o.jpg[/imgf]

Thank you. viktory

GT . 3.2L V6 . Q2 . Kyalami Black - Red . Eibach . KONI . ATP 19" . TOYO

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Nice grosses Lachen It's always a pleasure do read something from you Zwincker

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Original geschrieben von 156-GT

Nice grosses Lachen It's always a pleasure do read something from you Zwincker

Nice idea, to install the Q2 System in your V6!
I hope it'll work for a long time, without any problem!!

Gruß Hampi

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looks awesome !!!! grosses Lachen
Beitrag vom 03.11.2007 - 15:57
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Q2 System and this works ?!?!? Nice !!!!!!!Respekt


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